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In order for us to begin processing your Applicantion, please provide the following items, as applicable to your situation:

  • Currently Employed Applicants...
  • With paystubs
  • your three(3) most recent paystubs are required
  • paystubs must show all dectuctions (or a Full Tax Return will be required)
  • If a Full Tax Return is required, applicant must have same job as they did in the prior year
  • Or with an offer letter
  • Only acceptable if starting a new job and paystubs are not yet available
  • Offer letter must clearly reflect: Employer Name, Start Date, Gross Salary/Payment
  • employer will be independently verified
  • paystubs will be required once they are available
  • lease my be voided if paystubs do not support information with Application or Offer Letter
  • International Residents...

  • An I-20 Form; and
  • One of the following:
  • A Visa, or
  • a Working Visa, or
  • a working Social Security Number

Self-Employed Applicants...

  • Two (2) most recent years' Full Tax Returns, and
  • All related 1099's are required

Retired Applicants...

  • Any of the following
    • 401(k) statements,
    • Trust Statements
    • Annunity statements,
  • And the three (3) most recent monthly bank statements are required to support income, but may not be usd alone
  • And the most recent year's Full Tax Return

Student Applicants...

  • A statement clearly showing amount of support to be used for housing, and
  • indication the amount of the time that the support will last, and
  • indicating a breakdown of all costs: tutition, housing, dependent support, etc

Applicants with Co-signers...

  • Net Disposable income of at lest Five Times(5x) the sum of: the monthly rent plus (+) monthly utility costs
  • Monthly rent & utility costs are not included as contractual obbiligations in calculating Net Disposable Income
  • Two (2) years of income tax returns

Please choose "I Agree" to continue to the application.

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